Are you a beginner in cake baking? Here are some of the tips to bake a perfect cake. With the tips the beginners would be able to identify the ingredients, these ingredients can be easily found in your nearby places.


Flour is the main ingredient in a cake. There are a variety of flours used in cake baking. Most of the cake and cookies recipes suggested the use if plain flour. Occasionally using plain flour may not be able to permit the cake to rise properly. There are also other types of flours in the market such as mix flour, cake flour, self-raising flour and so on.


Sugar itself has different varieties. Mostly we use caster sugar that is widely found in supermarkets. If you want to bake a healthy one use raw sugar or brown sugar for the mix. Icing sugar is mostly used to make butter icing.


Eggs are normally separated between yolks and egg whites and then it is beaten separately with sugar. Egg whites are beaten fully till they become fluffy. Use fresh eggs because it easily turns into fluffy.


There are two types of butter used for baking, you have to choose the right type for your need.


There are many types of chocolate flavors. For baking, most of us use dark chocolate or cooking chocolate. There is also white chocolate that is normally used in creating color contrast in the cake. Mostly chocolate flavor is used to decorate the cake.

 Fresh Cream:

Fresh cream is used when making cake filling. The fresh cream will have to be whipped using a beater until it becomes fluffy before it is blended with preferred flavoring ingredients such as chocolate or coffee.

These are some of the ingredients, mainly used for baking. Before baking, you have to learn these basic things. To know more like this refer the following Professional Bakery Classes in Chennai.