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Poppy Seed Cake Recipe

Cake baking is one of the most enjoyable things to follow, there are many steps that one has to take in order to get that sweet. The cake is a common dessert inspired by people on most of the occasions like birthdays, weddings, parties etc., baking cakes needs lots of effort by adding the correct […]

Cup Cake recipe

Cupcakes are delightful treats that can be enjoyed on pretty much any occasion, such as birthdays, parties and functions. These cakes are fast and easy to make and it can be flavored and decorates in different ways to suit the individual tastes of the people who will be eating them.     A simple cupcake recipe starts […]

Marble cake recipe

Cakes are considered as a special thing during celebrations and special occasions. There are a variety of cakes used for different occasions. There are different flavors, which makes every cake special and looking exquisite. You can order a cake through online for an occasion or bake a cake. There are varieties of recipe for cakes, […]

Some Unique and different wedding cakes

With the beautiful flowers used to design the wedding reception, the proper exclusive wedding dress for the bride and also cakes for marriage purpose are a very interesting sight to have also. Even the groom and bride select the piece and design accordingly, the result is much more surprising. A simple wedding cake also makes […]

Garlic Bread making Technique from Happiereturns

Garlic, a natural antibacterial that has numerous healing power. This herb is a good cure for cold or a cough. Also, it is best for those suffering from rheumatism, as garlic relaxes the muscles and nerves. You can eat it uncooked by crushing it and mixing it with honey. This mixture is truly effective in […]

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How to make Tiramisu Cake?

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert used for a special occasion at home. This consists of sponge cake soaked with coffee or any other liqueur layered with grated chocolate. So most of the people like this cake and it will be piquant and attractive one. If you want to bake this cake here is the recipe, […]

Mango Cake recipe

A cake is an important part of today’s life. The cakes are mainly needed for birthday celebrations, marriage celebrations, anniversary functions. Without the presence of cake is like a sluggish day. So most of the people preferred tasty and exquisite cake to their moment beautiful. Some of them want to bake cakes themselves, so they […]

Cake recipe with chocolate flavor

Nowadays, cooking has been easier with the introduction of the baking classes. At first, all are thinking that baking cakes were something that was hard and would take a whole day. So they used classes to bake cakes for their family. The baking classes in Chennai teach all types of methods to bake cakes. Once […]

Methods to prepare a chocolate cake

Cakes are the most highlighting things during a celebration. There is no such function or party being celebrated without the presence of a cake. This is one of the food items that are liked by all the people equally. You can also serve cakes as desserts during the parties and it would be more appreciated. […]

Decorating ideas for cupcake baking

The beauty of the cupcakes especially lies in the piece with several other varieties at the same time without putting maximum effort in the kitchen. To make tasty cupcakes you need to go buy a proper guidance. Cupcakes are easy to prepare, these items are used in different occasions in many unique ways. It is […]