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Baking Classes in Chennai

Piping cakes

While making cakes you can count over the stuff that would help you to have gorgeous cakes. These can include piping that is easy which will make your cake more and more gorgeous. There were so many piping styles which involves buttercream flowers over the cakes or cupcakes that you are about to bake. Generally, […]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones

Valentine’s Day, this day is the best time to express your love towards your loved ones by presenting some gift over them as a symbol of love. Couples are celebrating a great time on this day especially to spend a lot of time with their partner’s whole day romantically. The most important thing on the […]

cherry choco cake

Bake the Slice of moist Cherry Choco cake

Most of us love a deliciously moist chocolate cake, but the introduction of Cherry Coke takes it to a whole new level. Coca-Cola Cherry adds a great depth of flavour which is accentuated by the use of maraschino cherries. This cake is fantastic as a teatime treat or as a sumptuous dessert. Handmade cakes are […]

online cake delivery

Advantages of using Online Cake Delivery Services

When it comes to sweets, Cakes are what everyone loves to demand. Be it a birthday party, Christmas, anniversary or even a farewell, universal at these situations. Being a delicious and enjoyable grace as it already is, cakes are loved by people of all age groups. This delicious pudding come in different flavours and customizable […]


A chocolate brownie is a square sized chocolate dessert. Which is made up of frosting, Choco chips, nuts etc. It may be either in cakey or fudgy, depending on its density. A slight variation made with vanilla instead of chocolates in the batter is known as blonde brownie. Similarly, many varieties of brownies available in […]

cake baking

Best ingredients used in cake recipes

Are you a beginner in cake baking? Here are some of the tips to bake a perfect cake. With the tips the beginners would be able to identify the ingredients, these ingredients can be easily found in your nearby places. Flour: Flour is the main ingredient in a cake. There are a variety of flours […]


Fall wedding cake ideas

In everyone’s life, there is one moment gives a lot of memories, that is marriage. All are becoming happy at the moment. At that moment you can add extra happiness with the help of great delicious and tasty cake. Once you decide to cut the cake, you need to take more preparations. You should choose […]


Tips to follow while ordering cake online

Here are some of the tips that one needs to follow when order cake online. You should be considered on the flavor, message, texture and payment types. The correct order in a correct way can just make the occasion all the more remarkable. When you move to the new technology, we are simplifying our life […]


Baking Delicious Chocolate cake

Baking different and tasty chocolate cake is a desire for all age people. It is the one that is favorite and making it can certainly give you an advantage and flair when presenting certain events. Except some people only few who are affected to chocolate cakes can cause one to have a best feel. Here […]


The perfect cake baking tips

The perfect cake is easily noticeable. Its shape is perfectly symmetrical with a golden crust. It has a feathery velvet texture and is moist and light. The taste is very nice. To get recognized for a perfect cake you can make one. When making a cake it is important to follow the recipe exactly. If […]

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