The perfect cake is easily noticeable. Its shape is perfectly symmetrical with a golden crust. It has a feathery velvet texture and is moist and light. The taste is very nice. To get recognized for a perfect cake you can make one. When making a cake it is important to follow the recipe exactly. If you don’t have any idea about cake baking refer the following link Cake Classes in Chennai.
Over-mix and your cake will be tough and rubbery, more like a good bread. Use the right ingredients for baking and measure carefully. If the recipe for cake flour, you will have the best results with cake flour. All-purpose flour can be substituted. Beat the liquid ingredients well before combining with the dry ingredients. Once the ingredients are added, the cake should be stirred gently, otherwise, the cake texture will be varied. There are some important thing which you have used correctly for the baking.
There are if the recipe does not call for the baking powder, then your leavening agent is air and your beating steps is very important. Sponge cakes, angel food cakes, pound cakes all use air as their leavening agent. Baking powder also comes in different varieties, including regular and double acting. Most of the recipes call for baking soda requires buttermilk, lemon juice. Add regular milk with acid for buttermilk, because it is necessary for the leavening.
Be aware of the liquid content, because using the correct shortening is important. Careful in adding butter, because butter contains more liquid than shortening, needed an increase in volume and a decrease in the liquid added to the recipe. Next thing is greasing, most of the recipe calls for the pan to be greased and floured. This will help to remove the cake smoothly when done. So grease the paper in the bottom and then flour the four sides. To check whether the cake is fully baked, use a toothpick and insert into the cake, if it comes out with clean, then the cake is ready to serve otherwise baked it for another few minutes. To know more like this refer the following link Best Baking Classes in Chennai.